All possible clients will receive a free evaluation before sign up. Evaluations are used to assess and discuss any issues you are having with your dog and to also discuss goals and the training needed for your dog. Our six week package (one class per week) starts at $500.

Training Classes are located at:

Bass Pro Shops

8200 Dean Martin Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89139​


10:00 am - 4:00pm Monday-Sunday

Basic obedience classes will cover all the basics listed below plus any behavior issues noted during the free evaluation.
-Sit, Down, Stay, Leave it, Drop it
-Loose leash walking
-Coming when called/Recall
-Proper greeting of people and dogs
-Potty training
-Ignoring distractions

This class is a step up from our Basic Obedience Course.  You and your dog will work commands with more distractions and aim towards working off leash at a distance from each other. Basic tricks will be worked into this course as well.  

The first 6 months of a dogs life are very important.  This is a great time to expose them to new situations and environments.  This is also a great time to begin teaching the behaviors you want. 

-Basic obedience
-Building confidence
-Socializing, People/Dogs/Environmental
-Potty training
-Crate training
-Appropriate play

Your dog must be evaluated to see if they meet the criteria to begin this class. In this course we will reinforce the importance of being a very social and well behaved dog in challenging situations. Once you have completed this course you will be able to successfully pass any Therapy Dog Certification which will allow you to visit many nursing homes and schools that allow Therapy Dog work.